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The Maid of Honor Speech: How to Write a Moving Toast for Your Sister

Being chosen as your sister's maid of honor is a once in a lifetime honor. Use the tips and heartfelt examples below to create the perfect sentimental speech celebrating your lifelong bond that she'll treasure forever.

What is a Maid of Honor?

As the maid of honor, you will be your sister’s right-hand woman and have an irreplaceable role supporting her throughout all the wedding planning festivities in the months leading up to her big day. During the ceremony and reception, your official duties include:

  • Assisting your sister every step of the way as she gets ready before walking down the aisle
  • Making sure the bridal gown looks stunning and her veil is perfectly in place
  • Holding her gorgeous floral bridal bouquet during the vows as she ties the knot
  • Being available to provide any emotional support, encouragement, or assistance she needs
  • Giving a thoughtful, humorous, and loving maid of honor speech and toast in front of all the guests at the reception

This once-in-a-lifetime speech allows you to share memories and stories that highlight your incredibly close sisterly relationship. As her maid of honor, your speech will be one of the most meaningful and memorable moments that she'll cherish forever.

What should a Maid of Honor Speech for a Sister cover?

A sister’s maid of honor wedding speech provides the rare opportunity to publicly share poignant and playful stories that illustrate your shared history and unbreakable bond. Be sure your speech hits on:

  • Hilarious childhood stories and special sister memories growing up together
  • Embarrassing, silly, or heartwarming adolescent moments and adventures
  • Her amazing strengths, talents, accomplishments, and passions that make you feel so proud
  • How she’s always been there for you as a best friend during life’s ups and downs
  • The way your sisterly bond has only grown stronger, closer and more precious through the years
  • Why you know her new husband is the perfect match and you’re so happy for them
  • Genuine well wishes and lighthearted marital wisdom for their bright future together
  • Ending with a meaningful toast to the newly married couple!

How Long Should a Sister's Speech Be?

Etiquette experts recommend keeping your wedding toast between 3-5 minutes maximum. This provides enough time to thoughtfully express your love and highlight 2-3 of the most sentimental memories or stories without going on too long.

Keeping your sister’s maid of honor speech succinct also allows the focus to remain on the newlyweds and respects the overall wedding reception timeline. The bride and groom will appreciate you not dragging on when there’s dancing to be done!

Maid of Honor Speech Examples for Sisters

Here are a few excerpts from sample maid of honor speeches that can provide inspiration as you start crafting your own unique words:


“I’m completely honored and just so thrilled to stand here today as [bride’s name]’s proud big/little sister and maid of honor. We’ve shared an unbreakable bond since before I can even remember, and she’s always been my best friend.”

Sweet Memory:

“When we were kids, [bride’s name] was always willing to have tea parties with me for hours or build Legos into amazing creations way past bedtime. We were inseparable and she never excluded me even though I was her annoying little/big sister!”

Funny Moment:

“[Bride’s name]’s lifelong loyalty as a sister was proven on my disastrous prom night when she snuck out of her room after midnight because my date had left me stranded at the dance. She showed up with a pizza and ice cream in her pajamas ready to cheer me up all night - that’s the kind of sister she’ll always be.”

Touching Toast:

“[Bride’s name], my beautiful sister and lifetime best friend, I’m just so thrilled for you today as you marry [groom’s name]. Love like you have for each other is so special. I know you two will build a wonderful life together filled with laughter, joy, and precious memories. I'll always be here for you whenever you need me. Let’s raise our glasses to the amazing couple!”

Tips for Writing and Delivering a Sister’s Speech

With your genuine stories and well wishes beautifully composed, the final step is smoothly delivering your sisterly speech. Here are some key tips:

  • Practice out loud at least 5-10 times in front of a mirror so the sentiments flow naturally
  • Time yourself each practice round to perfect fitting within 3-5 minutes
  • Print your speech in large font on notecards but avoid reading directly from them
  • Look up from your notes frequently and make loving eye contact with your sister and the guests
  • Pause for laughter, “awws” or other reactions after your funny and emotional memories
  • Speak slowly, loudly and clearly into the microphone so everyone can hear this special moment
  • Let your innate love and pride for your sister shine through in your smile, gaze and gestures

With personal stories, sisterly wisdom, and lighthearted moments, your maid of honor speech is guaranteed to make your sister's wedding day feel that much more special and unforgettable. Use these touching sisterly examples in combination with memories uniquely your own for a speech she'll treasure for years to come.

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