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The Maid of Honor Speech: How to Write a Touching Toast as an Older Sister

Being chosen as your little sister's maid of honor is an honor like no other. Use these examples and tips to create the perfect sentimental speech celebrating your lifelong bond from her older sister.

What is a Maid of Honor?

As maid of honor, you’ll be your sister’s right-hand woman for wedding planning and emotional support. Additional special duties include:

Helping your sister every step of the way leading up to her big day

Proudly holding her gorgeous bridal bouquet during the vows

Giving a thoughtful, funny, and heartfelt toast at the wedding reception

What is an Older Sister's Maid of Honor Speech?

Your speech allows you to share playful and poignant stories that highlight your lifelong sisterly relationship. Be sure to include:

Adorable childhood memories you cherish

Embarrassing or hilarious adolescent moments

How watching her grow up makes you burst with pride

Sweet marital advice and well wishes for her marriage

How Long Should an Older Sister's Speech Be?

Etiquette rules say to keep your older sister maid of honor speech 3-5 minutes long. This allows time to thoughtfully touch on 2-3 of your most special memories without dragging on.

Maid of Honor Speech Examples for Older Sisters

Here are excerpts from sample speeches to inspire your own:


“I’m just overflowing with pride to stand here today as [Bride’s] maid of honor and big sister. We’ve been best friends since the moment she was born.”

Funny Memory:

“When [Bride] was 5, she gave herself a haircut that left her bangs completely crooked. Mom cried, but I thought it was hilarious and nicknamed her my little creature. I knew then that she’d always be the best little sister.”

Sweet Toast:

“[Bride], you bring me joy and laughter every single day. I wish you and [Groom] a beautiful marriage filled with so much love. I’ll always be here whenever you need your big sister. Cheers to you both!”

Maid of Honor Speech Inspiration

Check out this maid of honor speech example:

"Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who don't already know me, I'm Clara, the proud older sister of our beautiful bride, Lily. We've shared more than just hand-me-down clothes over the years; we've shared stories, laughter, tears, and now, even makeup tips. First and foremost, I'd like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Carter, not only for hosting this magnificent wedding but for raising two incredible individuals. Our parents have not just given us a home filled with love and laughter but have instilled in us the values that brought Lily and Thomas together.

You know, it feels like just yesterday when Lily came home from her pottery class, all covered in clay, gushing about a 'handsome fellow' who was, as she said, 'terrible at pottery but oh so charming'. It’s quite symbolic actually; pottery, an art of molding and shaping, much like what they’ve done with their relationship.

Now, speaking of pottery and Lily's adventurous spirit - and trust me, they go hand in hand - there's this unforgettable incident from their South America trip. While most would visit Machu Picchu to take in the sights, my audacious sister and her ever-patient beau decided to camp under the stars, turning it into a makeshift pottery workshop. Yes, in the middle of one of the world’s wonders! But that’s Lily for you, always crafting memories wherever she goes

I've had the honor of watching Lily grow, from the young girl who'd make tents in our backyard and sneak in stray cats, to the wonderful woman standing before us. And Thomas, ever since you came into her life, you've added the perfect balance. Your calm complements her fire, and your methodical ways blend seamlessly with her spontaneity.

Lily, we've been through so much together, from those tent-making days to now sharing makeup tricks. Our journey has been nothing short of magical, and I'm elated to see you embark on this new one. To both of you, may your life together be an everlasting adventure, filled with memories molded with love, just like a beautifully crafted clay pot.


Tips for Older Sister Speeches

Share your unique perspective of cherished childhood memories

Include playful yet loving big sister advice

Keep the tone emotional but with funny moments

Practice several times to perfect your delivery

Make eye contact and speak loudly for all to hear

End with raising your glass in a thoughtful toast to the couple

With humor and heartfelt stories, your speech is sure to make your little sister feel so special on her wedding day. Use these older sister examples combined with your own memories for an unforgettably moving toast

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