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The Maid of Honor Speech: How to Write an Amazing Toast for Your Best Friend

Being chosen as your best friend's maid of honor is an honor like no other. Use these examples and tips to create the perfect heartfelt speech celebrating your lifelong friendship.

What is a Maid of Honor?

As maid of honor, you’ll be her right-hand woman for wedding planning and emotional support. Additional duties include:

Helping her every step of the way leading up to her big day

Proudly holding her gorgeous bridal bouquet during vows

Giving a thoughtful, sweet, funny toast at the reception

What should I cover in Maid of Honor Speech for a Best Friend?

Your speech allows you to share hilarious, vulnerable stories highlighting your lifelong best friend bond. Be sure to include:

How you met and immediately clicked

Crazy and embarrassing memories over the years

Why she's been your soul sister through it all

Well wishes and advice for her marriage

How Long Should a Best Friend's Speech Be?

Etiquette rules say to keep your best friend maid of honor speech 3-5 minutes long. This provides enough time to thoughtfully touch on 2-3 standout memories.

Maid of Honor Speech Ideas for Best Friends

Here are excerpts from sample speeches to inspire your own:


“I’m just so honored and excited to stand here today as [Bride’s] best friend and maid of honor!”

Funny Memory:

“One time we laughed so hard at an inside joke, milkshake came out of [Bride’s] nose, which of course made us laugh even harder. We couldn’t breathe!”

Loving Toast:

“[Bride], we’ve been soul sisters since day one. I wish you and [Groom] a beautiful marriage filled with laughter and precious memories. I’ll always be here for you. Cheers!”

Maid of Honor Speech Example for Best Friends

Sentimental Example

Good evening everyone, I’m Sarah, Jessica’s partner-in-crime and best friend for over a decade. First off, I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Smith for not only throwing this amazing celebration but for bringing up such a wonderful person like Jessica. And of course, thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Johnson for welcoming her with open arms and for raising an incredible man like Daniel.

I remember the first time I met Jessica. We were both freshmen in college, lost in a sea of new faces, when we stumbled upon a theater workshop. She was this vibrant ball of energy, full of ideas and ready to take on any role. That adventurous spirit of hers, it was contagious.

Fast forward to a couple of years later, we decided to go on a camping trip. Now, I must say, Jessica’s sense of adventure doesn’t always translate well to outdoor skills. We ended up lost, the tent was inside out, and our dinner got stolen by a raccoon. But amidst all that chaos, she turned to me, laughed, and said, ‘Well, this is an adventure, isn’t it?’ That’s Jessica for you, finding joy in the unexpected.

Then came Daniel. I remember the brunch where she first told me about him. Her eyes sparkled as she talked about this amazing guy who was not only adventurous like her but also had a knack for fixing tents and warding off raccoons. I knew right then, he was the one for her.

Over the years, I’ve seen the impact they’ve had on each other. Daniel, you’ve brought so much stability and encouragement into Jessica’s life. And Jessica, you’ve shown Daniel the beauty of turning life into one big, beautiful adventure.

And so, here’s to Jessica and Daniel, a match made in adventure heaven. Jessica, thank you for being the sister I never had, for the laughter, the adventures, and even the mishaps. May your life together be as joyful and as adventurous as our camping trips, but with fewer raccoon incidents.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s raise our glasses to love, laughter, and happily ever after.

Comedic Example:

Good evening, everyone! For those of you who may not know me, my name is Emily, and I have the incredible honor of standing here today as Lily’s Maid of Honor. Lily and I have shared a friendship so profound and enduring that it almost feels like we’ve been on a lifelong adventure together, navigating the seas of life side by side. First and foremost, I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Thompson for not only hosting this beautiful celebration but for also bringing such a wonderful soul into this world and raising her to be the amazing woman we all adore.

Lily, my dear friend, where do I even begin? I’ve had the pleasure of knowing you for over a decade, and if I were to describe you in just a few words, I would say you are charismatic, resilient, adventurous, compassionate, and an absolute storyteller. Your charisma lights up any room, drawing people toward you like moths to a flame, and it’s a quality that I’ve always admired. Your resilience, well, that speaks for itself. You’ve faced challenges head-on, never backing down, and it’s been inspiring to witness.

I remember the first time you told me about James. Your eyes sparkled with excitement as you recounted every detail of your first encounter. It was as if the universe had conspired to bring you two together, creating a love story fit for the ages. James, I have to say, you’ve had an extraordinary impact on Lily. You’ve encouraged her to embrace her adventurous spirit, to seek out the beauty in every moment, and most importantly, you’ve shown her the kind of love that every best friend hopes their best friend will find.

Growing up, Lily was a bit of a wild child, always seeking out adventure and pushing boundaries. Her parents, bless their hearts, certainly had their hands full. But those childhood stories, filled with laughter and mischief, paint the picture of a girl who was fearless and full of life – qualities that she carries with her to this day.

Now, onto the comedic part of our evening because, let’s be honest, a speech about Lily wouldn’t be complete without a good laugh. Do you all remember that time when Lily decided to take up cooking? Oh boy, what an adventure that was. She called me one evening, excitedly announcing that she was going to cook a gourmet meal for James. Knowing Lily’s track record in the kitchen, I immediately dropped everything and rushed over, fully prepared to call 911 if necessary.

As I walked in, the smell of burnt… well, burnt something, hit me like a ton of bricks. There was Lily, apron on, a determined look in her eyes, amidst a kitchen that looked like a hurricane had just passed through. “It’s going to be delicious,” she assured me, stirring a pot of what I could only assume was once pasta. James, being the ever-supportive partner, took one bite, smiled, and said, “Babe, this is...interesting. Maybe we should stick to takeout for now.” And we all burst into laughter. That’s the thing about Lily and James; they find joy in every moment, even the burnt pasta ones.

As we stand here today, celebrating the union of these two incredible individuals, I am reminded of how lucky we all are to be a part of their journey. Lily, you have been my confidante, my partner-in-crime, and my best friend. You have filled my life with laughter, joy, and countless unforgettable memories.

James, thank you for loving Lily the way that you do. You complement each other perfectly, balancing each other out in the most beautiful way. Your love story is one for the ages, and I am so excited to see what the future holds for you both.

Lily, James, may your life together be filled with adventure, laughter, and a love that grows stronger with each passing day.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you could all please raise your glasses, let’s toast to love, laughter, and happily ever after. Cheers!

Tips for Best Friend Speeches

Share perspectives on your most hilarious memories together

Include playful stories and inside jokes

Keep the tone emotional yet filled with humor

Practice several times to perfect your humorous delivery

Make eye contact with your bestie and guests

End with a thoughtful, funny toast to the newlyweds

With humor and heartfelt moments, your speech is sure to make your best friend feel amazing on her wedding day. Use these examples combined with your own memories for an unforgettable and moving toast.

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